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Masterlist of downloads | Policy

My stuff is wildly spread over the internet. Almost everything is on one single mediafire account, but the links are not available everywhere.

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dreamwidth code to give away

anyone wants to start a blog on dreamwidth?
I've got a code to give away, so feel free to contact me here, drop an
anonymous message over at DW or send me a message at GoS (PeachT, so you know)

Dreamwidth for all! Yay!

DW Updates #01

these two hairsets are now to find



guys, DW feels so lonely without you *sob*

sorry, but no friends, at least not here

I still see people friending me here. This is absolutely pointless, I won't be posting anything here in the future. Maybe just little announcements.

My stuff will be posted HERE
btw, you can watch DW journals as an LJ user. Don't ask me how, but some people do.

btw, new hairset already uploaded there


I'm moving to dreamwidth.

LJ will stay a place where I will keep everything I made before, sort of a dump an archive. My masterlist of CC will be updated here as well...

that's all for now, here's the new link:


Where the bullets fly - peggy edit

you all know how I "love" peggy hairs, huh?
Here's another one. Just one of those random attempts I tend to make every now and then. They usually end up in the land of nowhere. This one didn't.

binned, one family, only elder grey linked to black, compressorized

DOWNLOAD --- natural colors (now updated, black should be binned correctly)
DOWNLOAD --- neons

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I've got the feeling that I need a break. From everything. I feel tired. I wish I could take a break from life. Wouldn't that be awesome if you could to that? Take a break and come back, when you feel better.
I have some more stuff for you, but it needs some time - previews, SimPE editing

"Curly Sam" - female addon

One set this time. No cut.

Based on how I retextured the male version here comes the female. But this time with ALL colors.




Hair is grey and the fires are burning...

>>don't mind the title<<

I've been busy. So you get some new stuff. Oh yes, I'm so into retexturing right now ^^

click here if you don't have your retinas burnt by nowCollapse )


Another bunch of hair edits

Me got goodies for ya!

More junk for your downloads folder (4 hair edits)Collapse )

BTW, master list of peachylicious custom content is coming up.


You know, I've got this one crazy idea. I extract all my sims from Sunnybeach to a safe place, so that their genetics wont be borked, and completely rework my Downloads folder.... because last night I downloaded so much stuff that I've got the feeling my game will inevitably extplode, sooner or later >.<
I've got about 3000 hairfiles - DO I NEED THIS? ... more than 2000 files of female clothing - and this? ... about 1500 walls/floors and -OMG- 4500 object/recolor files.... all in all about 16000 files [insert long scream here] ... most of that stuff is so useless.

I just hope I can identify everything I need and don't have to re-download stuff.

oh yeah, by the way, a ton of hairsets is coming up. I had one creative evening/night lately. I just have to make previews and stuff... just too bad most of the meshes are crap *not fun*

oooh yeah, I've got a GGODIE for you creators ^^ - textures!
I've included a bease texture and a set of recolored textures in all pooklet-colors ... btw, I'm going to remake 2 or 3 of them to suit my liking. I'll tell you

feel free to frankenstein it for your use, but please give a little credit, because I started this texutre from an absolutely blank canvas.


I saved them in BMP, so that full package is rather big. But I didn't want any loss of quality.

AAAAAnd another goodie!!! YAY!!!

If you want to tile the textures lengthwise or do some other modifying, youll need those - streak brushes! ... looks much much much better than gradients ^^

I'll give you the ABR-file only if you promise to credit me if you use them - pwettty pweeeasseee *puppy eyes*
beacuse these brushes are actually the only "original" thing that I have to offer... yes, the fear of getting useless is the doom of any creator, I think, forgive me my whining

see the effect (used as eraser on the very edge of the blue texture)


that's it for now, I've given away all my "special stuff" *cry* ... but I have one more insane idea what to do with pooklet's actions *muahar* I'll be back.